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Studies show creativity boosts intimacy. Our out-of-the-box date ideas are designed to move couples out of their rut and into a place of vitality. We realize some personalities prefer unconventional adventures while others prefer a more subdued date. While we certainly have some adventures waiting for those who seek it, for the dates that are particularly unconventional, we have a “conventional substitute” just for our low-key folks. Either way you choose, you will be sure to break out of the humdrum cycle of dinner and a movie.


  • Progressive picnic – enjoy an appetizer at the place you first met, a main course at place you had your first date, and a dessert at place you had your first kiss
  • Put together a care package for a friend or family member who’s going through a difficult time and take it to them or mail it to them
  • Couples massage with detailed instructions
  • Take a walk through your (or nearby) neighborhood with provided scavenger hunt list

    • Week 1 - Whisper in her ear one of the reasons you love her, then give her a pick on her cheek or neck.
    • Week 2 - Next time you see her frazzled or hurrying, ask how you can help her.
    • Week 3 - Give her a neck and shoulder massage.
    • Week 4 - Take her picture. Typically, women take the pictures but no one thinks to take pictures of them. Sneak in a shot when she's laughing with friends or when she's interacting with the kids.

    • Week 1 - Snuggle up to him. Brush your fingers through his hair for several minutes.
    • Week 2 - Plan an evening of intimacy with him. Give him a little tease of what's to come before he leaves in the morning.
    • Week 3 - Tell him you believe in him. What dream has he been envisioning? What goal has he been working toward? Offer your support.
    • Week 4 - Surprise him at his work with his favorite treat.
  • Healthy Habits

    When your spouse is upset, listen carefully. Then repeat back in your own words what you heard. This is not to say you agree, but to make sure you understand what they are saying and to attempt to see from their perspective. Do this before interjecting your own feelings, opinions, or advice.


To try one month of the marriage challenges for free:

Husbands, from your phone, text the word "groom" to (833) 996-3056. Wives, from your phone, text the word "bride" to (833) 996-3056.

Bring life back into your marriage with our marriage challenges. Men and women typically have different needs and desires. Unfortunately, we tend to show love the way we receive love, and therefore "miss the mark" in showing love to one another. The marriage challenges are suggestions for you to do with, or for, your spouse to help you better meet your spouse's needs & desires and to put the spark back in your marriage. In addition to weekly texts to enhance the romance, you will receive a monthly suggestion for transforming your mindset and/or the way you deal with one another so you can resolve issues in a healthy way. The marriage challenges will come straight to your phone via text. Focus simply on following the prompts and you will see your marriage transform.


    • Week 1 - List 5 reasons you love your wife. Stick it in your wallet. The next time you are angry or frustrated with her, pull the list out and review it.
    • Week 2 - Whisper in her ear one of the reasons you love her, "I love you because...," then give her a peck on her cheek or neck.
    • Week 3 - Make your wife a hot bath with candles, soft music and her favorite snack. If you have kids, put them to bed while she's in the bath.
    • Week 4 - Pray out loud at dinnertime. Mention in your prayer how grateful you are for your wife and family.

    • Week 1 - Snuggle up to him. Brush your fingers through his hair for several minutes.
    • Week 2 - The next time he's working on a project, sit silently near him, then compliment his work. It may not be this week, but don't forget.
    • Week 3 - Plan an evening of intimacy with him. Give him a little tease of what's to come before he leaves in the morning.
    • Week 4 - Tell him you believe in him. That dream he's been thinking about, or goal he has been working toward, tell him you believe he can do it.


Our couples' devotions are aimed at helping you grow spiritually, toward both God and each other. Some couples choose to do the devotion on their date, connecting once in the week. Others choose to connect twice in the week - once through the devotion and once on their date. Either way you choose to do them, you will deepen both your faith in God and honor for one another.
MARK 3:25

Discuss it – In what ways have you been trying to compete instead of working as a team?

Don’t answer this next one out loud or accuse your spouse. Just give this one some thought. Have I been putting my spouse down to get them to view me as the superior one? Where have I been trying to compete instead of support?

In what ways could you and your spouse be working together better?

Discuss the jobs being done in your home. Are they being done by the person who has the strength in that area?

Pray over it – Dear God, thank you for connecting me with [spouse's name] and for [list out your spouse's strengths]. Please transform my mind to see my spouse as my teammate, not my competitor. Teach me to show respect to my spouse. Help us to be unified in our decision-making. Amen.

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