Date Night Subscription Boxes

Here at Marriage in Abundance, our goal is to help couples discover just how deep and meaningful their relationship can be. Our date night subscription boxes are put together by a group of married couples in various stages of life and careful consideration is given to accommodate the unique needs of a couple. What can you expect when you subscribe to our monthly date night subscription? Get a quick sneak peek!

What You Get

Each month, you will receive a package in the mail that contains:

  • Weekly date plans
  • Discussion questions
  • Couples’ devotions
  • And the marriage challenge of the week.
Get A Sneak Peek

The pricing options below are designed to suit virtually any budget. Any option you select will give you the same thing (date plan, discussion questions, couples’ devotions, and marriage challenges). The options are simply there for you to decide the length of time you want to commit.

Choose Your Plan

Our date night subscription plans are priced with a budget-safe structure. Our monthly plans cost less than a dinner out for two. We wanted something easily affordable for you that provides the most value possible. Many of our customers have chosen the 6-month plan for the additional savings and understanding that making positive adjustments to our relationship and marriage can take time. We are here to help you down that path of a healthy relationship!

Sign up for your subscription today, check out our relationship help blog, or contact us with questions!